Pelindo Investama

Pelindo Investama No Gratification

PT Pelindo Investama is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia, this company is engaged in investment management, in order to support the creation of a clean port, PT Pelindo Investama is committed to assisting IPC in eradicating extortion.

The manifestation of PT Pelindo Investama’s commitment is marked by the signing of an integrity pact by all employees and the signing of an integrity pact by vendors related to PT Pelindo Investama.

This commitment is a manifestation that PT Pelindo Investama strongly opposes the practice of extortion carried out by irresponsible elements within the working area of ​​Pelindo 2.

In order to realize a port that is free of extortion, it is not easy, there needs to be strict supervision and witnesses in order to provide a deterrent effect to these irresponsible elements. Regarding health protocols. For this reason, on June 23, 2021, PT Pelindo Investama together with representatives of employees or vendors signed an Integrity Pact, where the contents of the integrity pact are that every vendor and employee must always maintain integrity not to give, receive or make anything to customers. port workers or vendors involved in port projects, and are willing to accept punishments in accordance with applicable legal provisions if in the future they are proven to have committed violations related to extortion and KKN.

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