Pelindo Investama

About Us

– As Investment Company in the port Industri –

Our Story

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama (PII) is Indonesia’s first investment company engaged in the port sector. As a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero), PII exists as a manifestation of the needs of Business Development Support, Capacity Building Funding and Strengthening Risk Management. As an investment company that supports the port sector, PII also supports the acceleration of economic growth in Indonesia. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) / (PELINDO) as our parent company has a role in the highest economic growth points in Indonesia. PELINDO has a vision to become a world-class integrated maritime ecosystem leader.

Why Us

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama is formed with the best resources to meet the challenges and meet the growth targets every year, both company and investment as stated in the Roadmap. We also have Pipeline Potential which includes Existing PELINDO Pipeline and External Investment Pipeline. We believe the value of the company will continue to strengthen, because it has a promising market potential.


Be a global investment company in the port sector and its supporters to create added value for stakeholders.

Relax Atmosphere

* Improve the effectiveness of PELINDO investment management through consolidation of subsidiaries’ ownership. Professional HR development and world-class management system.
* Strengthen funding for subsidiaries through capital raising initiatives from internal PELINDO and external fund sources to achieve optimal investment growth.
* Optimizing the potential for synergy within the Integrated Port to achieve maximum PELINDO asset productivity.

About PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama

As An Investment Company In Port Industry, PII Has The Following Role :


  • Doing Bussiness Development Port Related


  • Conducting Fund Raising through bank or capital market


Carry out Fund Management (equity or shareholder loan) to :

  • Existing PELINDO Subsidiary
  • Subsidiary Business Port Related
  • PELINDO Strategic Project


  • As a vehicle of cooperation with Strategic Investors from within and abroad


  • Make short term investments in the secondary market

With quality resources PII will provide the best in every role, in order to accelerate the growth of port infrastructure and support the smooth flow of distribution.

Potency Of Pipeline

Investment Pipeline


  • Werehouse
  • Truck and Box

Marine Service

  • Shipping 
  • Tugboat Service
  • Port Equipment

Port Servive

  • Unloading and Loading
  • Terminal

Supporting Business

  • Dredging
  • Hospitality
  • Management Training and Development
  • Port Toll Road
  • IT, Energy, Etc