Pelindo Investama

CSR Pelindo Investama

Pelindo Investama provided food assistance to the Mizan Amanah Orphanage in as many as 50 packages. Packages are distributed to orphans in the orphanage. This activity is a routine activity of the company as a form of the company’s concern for the environment around Pelindo Investama

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama (PII) together with the Amil Council, Zakat, Employee Alms Infaq (MAZISKA) PII provided assistance with a total of 325 (three hundred and twenty five) basic food packages and non-medical masks to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. around the Tanjung Priok area, North Jakarta. This activity is one of PII’s CSR activities in helping and maintaining good relations with the community around Tanjung Priok and participating in assisting the community and government in dealing with economic conditions affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Read More

Distribution of donations from Majiska PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama basic necessities to the Baburidho Kalibaru Foundation, North Jakarta. In total there are 60 food packages distributed at the foundation

Distribution of Majiska staple food donations from PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama to Office Boy Pelindo Tower

Pelindo Investama provides assistance to orphans in the matraman area in the form of stationery and reading books and Food.

Pelindo Investama provides assistance to students to collect diplomas that are being held by the school because there are still arrears in payment at school